Vesco Services, LLC. Timeshares

Vesco Group has years of experience in dealing with the consequence and associated liability of timeshare ownership and determining the best course of action for our clients.

  • In some cases, you may be able to divest yourself of your timeshare without any further obligation using our management expertise and divestment services.
  • We have partnered with a licensed, insured, underwritten, and bonded title company, Timeshare Closing Services, LLC. of Orlando, FL. Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. has been handling timeshare closings for a decade and it is the largest and most respected timeshare closing company in the industry.
  • We are not a listing company that promises to sell your property at unrealistic “ballooned” prices. We do not make false promises that the market is “hot” and there are buyers waiting for your properties. Timeshare is a luxury item that depreciates in value while liability (fees) increase on an annual basis.
  • A timeshare’s primary value lies in the use that you and your family enjoy by staying at your timeshare on an annual basis. Some weeks with a resort development such as Marriott or Hilton Vacation Club can potentially retain value on the resale market; however, the vast majority of timeshares do not retain any intrinsic value.
  • The costs of trying to sell are high and the risks are high because of the vast secondary market fraud as indicated by the American Resort Development Association and the Florida Attorney General – not to mention the impact on your peace of mind.
  • If decide to go forward and engage our services, we assume all liability for your timeshare immediately and engage Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. (a licensed bonded, insured, and underwritten title company) to prepare, complete and file the paperwork needed. In most cases you will receive the closing paperwork within 7 business days. We also handle all other hurdles and resort required paperwork – you never will need to worry about or pay another dime for your timeshare.